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GranQuartz was initially founded in 1971 in Tucker, GA by Peter de Kok. Much earlier than this, his father owned quarries in South Africa and immigrated to the United Kingdomimage_PeterDeKok2 in 1957, de Kok was only 17 years old at the time. Around the age of 19 years old, he began selling stone for his father’s company. His father’s business traded in rock from places such as South Africa, India, Brazil, Sweden and Norway. While working in the U.K., de Kok began coming over to Canada and market stone here. In the early ’60, he started selling in the United States. De Kok’s product was mostly used in the monument industry. In September of 1970, de Kok moved along with his family to the United States, in Atlanta, GA, which was close to Elberton, the biggest monument working location in America.

De Kok spent a few years running the American arm of his father’s company, which was called Granite and Quartzite Center. Disputes over the management of the company with equity partners led him to depart and start his own business. He didn’t want to compete with his old outfit, so he focussed on selling tools and equipment rather than rock. GranQuartz Stone Tools and Equipment started out importing and exporting products such as roofing nails, shingles, and machinery. Eventually de Kok began marketing tools and equipment needed for stone fabrication.


img_GQC2In 1978, de Kok opened a location in Beebe, QC, which is the granite capital of Canada. At this time, GranQuartz, located in Beebe was doing mostly larger blades for cutting blocks for the monument and building trade. At this point, Alain Bedard had become General Manager of the Beebe location. In 1993, the location in Beebe, QC separated from its mother company GranQuartz L.P. becoming GranQuartz Canada. This transaction was done to help GranQuartz Canada better serve their customers.

In 2008, while Mr. Peter de Kok, leaving for retirement, sold his company, GranQuartz L.P. to the Harbour Group. GranQuartz Canada and GranQuartz L.P. remain two privately owned and completely independent companies that serve their respective territories while being the leaders in their fields.

GranQuartz Canada now operates 3 locations throughout Canada and we have over 10 knowledgeable sales and technical support professionals serving our customers. We operate the largest fleet of mobile sales vehicles in the stone industry, bringing our customers the products they need when they need it. Our team of knowledgeable associates truly care about our customers and understands their business. They have the technical skills to meet the needs of our customers and to resolve their business challenges quickly and efficiently. In addition, we understand the value of good customer service and on time delivery. We realize that our customers’ success depends on having quality products to complete their jobs on schedule.

GranQuartz Canada is committed to sourcing, developing and distributing the most innovative, cost-effective tools from the world’s leading and most trusted brands. GranQuartz Canada teams up with top manufacturers to maintain an unparalleled sourcing pipeline, providing our customers unmatched solutions they need to succeed. Our ADI (UHS) Ultra High Speed technology is the world’s fastest CNC stone tooling. Through research, testing and development, the ADI line continues to evolve, providing our customers the best CNC tooling in the market. In addition, we have a broad selection of our own exclusive proprietary brands, including Diarex™, Pro Series™, Diarex™ Assassin™ and Diarex™ Legend™.

With more than 45 years of experience, GranQuartz Canada is the trusted, well-established partner our customers can rely on to do whatever it takes to help ensure the success of their business. Whether we serve you through our experienced staff of sales professionals, retail stores and distribution centers, catalogues, telemarketing or e-commerce, our diverse multi-channel sales and delivery model is there when you need us.

GranQuartz Canada is by far, the largest distributor of stone tools and equipment in Canada. In addition to the stone industry, we provide top quality products and services to the concrete polishing and tile markets.



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